1. Here ye, here ye…


    If you live in Milwaukee or will be around then, you should go.  It will be cool and full of local neat stuff that you could buy for yourself.  Or for a loved one this holiday season perhaps? That’d be nice too.

    Look for my booth where I’ll have copies of the latest NLC titles, as well as original artwork, prints, and sketchbook pages [link] from this year.

    Following the show, there will be an after party at Frank’s Power Plant featuring the Happy Thoughts, Facts Machine, Technicolor Teeth, stand-up comedy by Jake Kornley, and special guests the Christmas Chidz (which is a Christmas and alcohol inspired magical band including myself, members of Holy Shit!, Goodnight Loving, Dinosaur Pills, Elephant Walk, Fair-weather Friends, Jaill, and more).

    For more info check out the Hovercraft site here, and find them on Facebook if you want to as well.


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