I’m gonna try to keep this short.  Here goes…

    First of all, if yer not from Milwaukee —and even if you are— chances are you might not know who “Milverine” is so let me explain.

    Quite simply, he’s a dude that resembles the X-Men character Wolverine and happens to be spotted walking around downtown, near the Third Ward, Walkers Point, on Kinninickinnic, wherever…

    I’ve never seen him myself, only in pics, so…

    Anyways, as sightings became more and more common over the last few years, he sorta turned into an urban legend, and someone even made a facebook page [link] where people could post pictures and tell stories. It was all pretty cool, and fun, AND funny!

    Now along comes this douchebag —who I don’t know personally, but judging from the stupid-ass name and logo, I feel pretty confident in my assessment— who runs To Much Rock For One Hand [link], which is a local shirt company that makes all sortsa MKE themed and current-hot-topic tees.

    Like, if you want a shirt that says “Milrockee” you can go to him, because he makes those.  You can also go eat some shit while yer at it.

    If he makes other stuff too, I don’t know, and I don’t give a fuck anyways, because fuck this guy.

    Here’s why: On October 21st, for Gallery Night this dickhead has arranged for Milverine to show up in person where he will be signing autographs and taking pictures.  And on top of that Too Much Rock For One Hand has made a fucking Milverine tee-shirt which will be for sale at this stupid thing!

    What once was a mysterious local character, a cool and funny thing to tell yer friends about —especially if you happened to spot him and get a picture on yer phone—  is now nothing more than an exploited ploy all to get the spotlight shined on some jag-offs tee shirt company for Gallery Night.

    Now I wanna point out that TMRFOH says he’s not gonna keep any of the money made from shirt sales —instead it’ll be ‘donated’ to Milverine (whose real name is apparently John (not Logan)).

    But who the fuck does this guy think he is?

    What a cheap-ass-gimmicky-totally-ruining-a-cool-thing-with-a-fucking-publicity-stunt thing to do!

    So if you were planning on going to this, or are thinking about it, or are thinking about supporting Too Much Rock For One Hand in any kind of way, I ask you to think about doing something else instead.  I don’t care what it is.  Just so long as it’s not that (or killing someone, I suppose).

    I’m all about supporting local shit, and embracing awesome local shit, but I got no time or respect for bull shit, and that’s what Too Much Rock For One Hand is as far as I’m concerned. And I’m sure Milverine’s a good dude, but I really wish this isn’t how it had to go down in the end.


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